Divesting Our Pensions From Fossil Fuels

Divesting Our Pensions From Fossil Fuels

Some of us have large sums of money, invested for us by pension schemes. Unless we know otherwise, some of it is likely to be invested in fossil fuels. For example, the Universities Superannuation Scheme’s biggest investment of all is in Shell!

Do we really want money invested to keep us in old age to ruin the earth for us and our descendants for generations to come? If not, come to a public meeting on Tuesday, February 11th at Exeter Community Centre at 7.00 pm for 7.30 start. You can download the flyer here

If you would like to ask your pension fund to divest your pension pot from fossil fuels, you can use our template letter here

If you are a member of the Devon Pension Fund – for example, if you work or worked for the County Council, or a Devon District Council, and possibly if you are or were a teacher – there is already a campaign to get this divested from fossil fuels. Use this Devon Pension Fund template letter – best if you personalise it as suggested in the text – to write to your councillor to ask the Pension Fund Committee to act.

ADVANCE NOTICE: Wednesday, March 11th, 7.30 pm – Speaker meeting with a representative of Fossil Fuel Oxfordshire who, after banging their heads against a brick wall for four years, finally got their pension fund committee to a workshop with Green Investment Fund managers and an agreement to overhaul their investment policy.

Download the General template letter here
Download the Devon Pension Fund template letter here

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