Transition Exeter


Food which is produced, processed and consumed locally is one of the most dramatic ‘win win’ outcomes that we can work towards. Smaller carbon footprint, increased environmental benefits, affordable quality food and opportunities for skills training and employment – take your pick! Transition Exeter has several links to local food projects.

We want to see a substantial increase in the amount of sustainable local food that is produced, processed and eaten in and around Exeter. There are already quite a few separate projects, but what we want is to see a step change, with food taken seriously as a topic for local government, public health bodies, economic development agencies and so on.

We see our role as being a catalyst for getting a range of organisations and sectors to become more aware of the issues and benefits around local food consumption, and from that, encourage them towards action.

The Local Food Strategy Group meet at the Transition Exeter monthly action meeting, held on the second Tuesday of each month. Anyone interested in supporting a more strategic approach to local food action is welcome to come along. Please keep an eye on the Transition Exeter website and social media, to check the exact time and venue in case of any change.

There are lots of things that can be done, for example:

  • supporting better integration of all the current activities that are already going on in Exeter and district;
  • talking to private, voluntary and public sector organisations about the direct benefits for them;
  • encouraging organisations and individuals to become actively involved in a collective programme of action;
  • seeking ways to better support existing individual projects – we would like to see an umbrella charitable trust for Exeter food projects;
  • helping producers to make connections to both consumers and policy makers.