About the Project

Rainshare was a project run by Dr Sarah Ward and the University of Exeter to divert water from roofs for use in watering allotments.

Our Aims:

  • To minimise rainfall entering sewers
  • To faciliate rainsharing for those in need, such as allotments without water sources.

The Story So Far

Rainshare was established by Dr Sarah Ward from the University of Exeter who is encouraging people to share the rainwater from their roofs.

Do you have a roof? Yes? Then when rainfall hits it you generate runoff.

Do you use your runoff? Yes? Good. No? Then it normally runs into a sewer. Do you know how much a sewer costs to expand or build new? No? Well it’s expensive!

If we can keep runoff out of sewers then it means they will spill less dirty water into rivers & they may last longer too.

RainSharers share the runoff from their roofs so that its entry into sewers is slowed. It also means they save drinking water by using a quality of water that’s more appropriate than highly treated drinking water for a lot of practices (flushing toilets, watering gardens or allotments, washing-down driveways and so on).

    How to Get Involved

    The Rainshare Project is now closed.