Transition Exeter

Core Group

The Core Group is our dedicated team who run the central functions that ensure that Transition Exeter as a whole, keeps going as a vibrant local initiative.

This includes:

  • Thinking about the overall direction and focus of Transition Exeter, alongside all the theme groups, members and supporters;
  • Identifying new work that needs doing to move us, in tangible ways, towards our vision, and considering and moving on proposals for action;
  • Supporting the groups and projects;
  • Maintaining communications, including the website , links with the Transition Network and with other groups active on climate change and sustainability in Devon;
  • Securing resources for our activities, (though theme groups often generate their own resources), and supports the theme groups;
  • Organising events of various kinds;
  • Running Annual General Meetings and reporting on activities and finance to open meetings of Transition Exeter Core Group.

Who are the Core Group just now?

There is a representative from each of the theme groups in the core group, the treasurer and other members who are co-opted. Others are invited to attend core group meetings because of their interest in Transition Exeter. A decision has been made to keep the core group to a maximum of ten people, to keep communications and decision making effective.

At present, the members of the core group are: Gill Baker, Chrissy Allot, Jeff Ridley, Gill Westcott & Sharon Pavey

Joining the Core Group

If you are interested in becoming a Core Group member, please contact us.