Transition Exeter

Transition Exeter is a local response to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. Our aims are to:

  • Increase the quality of life in Exeter, aiming for a healthier, happier and more empowered community
  • Reduce our negative impacts on the environment
  • Reduce the negative impacts on us of climate change

Fiesta Solidaria


A New Vision for Transport in Exeter

October's open meeting hosted by Transition Exeter's transport group proved to be positive and a worthwhile event with some useful contacts made. Chaired by Martyn Goss, the meeting started with a questionnaire for the audience on their transport habits and issues.

Autumn Events


Rush Hour Transport in Exeter 2011 – 2026

The population growth planned for Exeter during the next fifteen years will have an impact on the quality of life in various ways. A detailed analysis of the effect on rush-hour mobility of those travelling to work has been carried out by Transport group member Trevor Priest

Dear friends

Transition Exeter has achieved a great deal over the last few years – generating projects on food, energy and most recently, a local currency, holding public information meetings, conversations with Exeter City Council about transport plans, city growth, housing, and energy, and supporting anticonsumerist groups and skill sharing for low carbon lifestyles. There are also activities for families, in the Green Walks and Wildlife Watch sessions.

Working for a Fair and Sustainable Economy

Our economic system is unfair, unsustainable, and unstable. How Could it be different? and what bottom-up steps can we take towards those changes?

Talk and discussion lead by Gill Westcott, Transition Exeter Economics Group. Click here for a report of the meeting.

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