Transition Exeter

Transition Exeter

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Transition is a local response to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship, and shrinking supplies of cheap energy

Transition Exeter’s groups and projects emerge out of our conversations, inspirations and actions

All activities are aimed at transitioning Exeter towards a low carbon city

Anyone can join in, and anyone can start new initiatives

Current Projects

Exeter Greenspace Group

About the Project EGG (Exeter Greenspace Group) is a community-based voluntary group. EGG aspires to become a non-statutory...
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New Prosperity Devon

About the Project New Prosperity Devon (NPD) is a social enterprise that was formed in 2019 through Transition...
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Exeter Community Energy

About the Project Exeter Community Energy is a Community-owned coop developed by the Energy Group of Transition Exeter....
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Friends of Mincinglake

About the Project Friends of Mincinglake is one of our “Transition Streets” projects helping to engage communities in...
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Exeter Green Walks

About the Project Exeter Green Walks has been facilitating walks around the city since 2010. We ran monthly...
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10 Mile Dinners

About the Project 10 mile dinners is concept developed by Transition Exeter to bring people together to share...
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Exeter Growers Coop

About the Project Exeter Growers Cooperative rents 4 acres of land for shared use in organic food production....
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