Transition Exeter are proud to have signed the Exeter Cycling Charter. The Exeter Cycling Charter is a simple statement of support for ‘cycling’ as the means of making Exeter a better city.
It outlines the benefits cycling can bring to our city and is something that businesses, schools, the health sector, shops and individuals can readily support.

Enabling cycling will help Exeter tackle its challenges of pollution, congestion and unhealthy lifestyles. A comprehensive, convenient and connected network of cycle infrastructure enables people to choose cycling as the safe, natural choice for a large proportion of everyday journeys. This frees up road space for essential car journeys.

You too can sign the Exeter Cycling Charter – SIGN HERE.

You can find all the latest information on the Exeter Cycling Campaign website or their Facebook Page.


  1. Kerrin Lyons

    Further to my note of support to cycling yesterday, I have a big complaint, which TE should want to put to DCC . I cycle almost every day and in fact have a rule that for all my travel for work, shopping, etc within a 6 mile radius I do it by bike unless I need to carry something heavy or the weather is really bad.
    Exeter residents were recently posted a useful fold-out “YOUR CITY CENTRE MAP”. It shows a key for ‘Vehicular access’, ‘Bus only’ and ‘Pedestrianised road/path’. A glaring omission is that it has zero mention of ‘Cycles’ – which seems a great shame as it is a very handy map to carry around. Whereas the council’s online map is far less handy. I should also point out that it also very unhelpful that signage on the High Street is not at all obvious and does not inform all users that it is a dedicated cycle way. Pedestrians and bus drivers certainly exhibit very limited knowledge of this and the danger of a collision happen every time I cycle on it.
    Kerrin Lyons

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