Transport is a major contributor to climate change and using fossil fuels. We need a transition to sustainable forms of transportation. Exeter is well placed to do this. It is a compact city with good walking and cycling routes, and the city centre is well served by public transport.


In 2014 we updated our alternative vision for transport in mid 21st century Exeter which is a much safer, healthier and less noisy place than it is now. Local communities and facilities have been revitalised, and residential streets are once again places where people meet and children can play.

Our main activity recently has been lobbying and grassroots action: responding to local authority consultations, meeting with representatives at the Councils and cross fertilising with other local campaigning groups to address key local issues. Our major project for 2010 was feeding into Devon County Council’s Local Transport Plan for 2011-2026 – you can read our final response to the consultation, submitted jointly with Exeter Friends of the Earth, here.

Trevor Priest from the group has also produced a detailed analysis of Rush Hour Transport in Exeter 2011 -2016 which is being circulated to local councillors.

In the future we will be working on our Energy Descent Plan, looking at how Exeter can move to sustainable transport over the next 20 years. We’ll also be continuing to press the local authorities to improve facilities for walking, cycling and public transport.

We have lots of ideas for projects to engage the public with ways they can change to more sustainable transport – we just need people to make them happen! If you’d like to take up one of these ideas please get in touch.

Carfree Day: An exciting project to attempt to close down a major arterial traffic route temporarily and replace it with a street fair.

Commuter Challenge: Testing how long different modes of transport take to complete various commuter routes around Exeter, and to disseminate the information effectively to change behaviour.

Historical Journeys: A project to link existing sustainable commuter routes (footpaths, cycle paths etc.) with local history to add new dimensions to the way we interact with our commutes, perhaps with a permanent treasure hunt element (like letterboxing on Dartmoor).

Corporate Games: Engaging with large employers in Exeter and establishing a competition between them to attempt to promote and increase usage of sustainable modes of transport.

Pub Quiz: Organise low carbon pub quizzes around Exeter.

All are welcome to our meetings. We would love more people to help us develop our vision and strategy, help to implement some of our project ideas, or to bring new ideas to the group.

For further information on any of our projects or open meetings, please email, or contact Sue Kay on 01392 204253.


8559080909_b02c1a1bb8_oExe Bridge before it became the main crossing point for Exeter traffic in the city centre…