The idea for 10-mile-dinners arose in a conversation between members of Transition Exeter. We were attending so many meetings that we weren’t having time for a social life. We wanted to get social activists together, but needed an event that was both enjoyable and that facilitated the discussions we needed to have about living more sustainably.

We all love cooking and socialising around food so came up with a simple model:

  1. Choose a group of people that you want to spend time with, who you think will be interested in a particular topic (our first one was centred around people with an interest in sustainable healthcare).
  2. Agree a date and invite everyone to bring some food or drink (liaise a bit to ensure that people don’t all bring the same thing).
  3. The general idea is that everything brought should be sourced as locally and sustainably as possible, but there are many different levels at which this can work.

However people contribute, you end up with a lovely shared meal, an opportunity to talk about things that matter to you all and a little bit more awareness of what we take for granted and how we can shop and eat more consciously.

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  1. Emma Welton
    July 14, 2017

    Hi Transitioners

    I was inspired by your 10 mile feast and competition in Belmont Park on 1st July. I live in Exwick and we are organising a sunflower growing competition. The winners will be announced on Sunday 24th September. We want to follow the announcement with a community harvest shared lunch, and I’d like to make it a 10 mile feast. Is there any help you could give us with it? I know for the Belmont Park event you were able to provide local free veg to people before the event.

    Best wishes
    Emma Welton


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