The first meeting of the relaunched Inner Transition took place on January 12th. We saw it as a chance to support each other in fulfilling our needs in sustainable, nurturing and enjoyable ways without the acquisition of unnecessary Stuff, and in avoiding burnout in our activism. The following notes were written about the meeting:

The Inner Transition Group can work on 3 levels:

  1. Support for those in the Inner Transition Group itself;
  2. Support for those in the Core Group and Transition working groups;
  3. Support for other Transition Exeter members and the wider community.

Support for members of the Inner Transition Group

At this level the Group might explore whatever relevant personal growth issues we felt were relevant. This might include sharing the dark and light side of our relationship to transition, the challenge of not feeling hopeless when faced with the enormity of the challenges ahead and issues around feeling guilty.

At this level we might:

  • watch and discuss films (Century of the Self etc.);
  • share readings;
  • explore tools from counselling practice and spiritual growth work;
  • play The Transformation Game:;
  • explore the work of Joanna Macy.

Support for those in the core group and transition working groups

There has often been some resistance to inner work in Transition groups, so it’s important that we make clear why our contribution is valuable. At this level we might facilitate:

Support for the wider community

Many people are concerned with and/or engaged in the same issues we are but are not formally part of Transition Exeter. Everything mentioned above could be offered to members of the wider community by members of the Inner Transition Group.

People interested in joining us should contact Chrissy on

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