Support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

Support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill is supported by 100 cross-party MP’s. This would be a great year to make such a Bill law – ensuring the UK demonstrates credible leadership as it hosts the crucial COP 26 climate summit in Glasgow in December. The CEE Bill aims to update the Climate Change Act 2008. It seeks to ensure that UK greenhouse gas emissions are reduced in a fair way internationally. It also requires better measures to protect and restore UK ecosystems. Crucially, it calls for democratic participation in policy making around protecting climate and ecology.

For further information on the CEE Bill please see this short video

Key Action

We are urging all those who are concerned about the Climate & Ecological Emergency to write to local councillors and ask them to put forward a motion of support for the CEE Bill, or if they are a Devon County councillor, to support a motion being put forward to County Council councillors in April.

We are making this easy for you! Just click on the template letters below (opens in Google docs). From here you can copy and paste into your choice of word processing programme. Remember, individualised letters are always best!

Template letter to District councillor

Template letter to Devon County Council councillor

Please do share any responses you receive, either with us or on social media.

UPDATE: We are delighted that Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter, has recently signed up to support the CEE Bill. This shows that campaigning and persuasion work!

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