Exeter Greenspace Group

Exeter Greenspace Group

About the Project

EGG (Exeter Greenspace Group) is a community-based voluntary group. EGG aspires to become a non-statutory consultee to local planning authorities in the Exeter area, developing evidence for local authorities’ green space strategies (including the Exeter Local Plan and other planned strategic regional cooperation) by facilitating community stakeholder engagement.

Our Aims:

VISION: EGG recognises the importance of greenspace on wellbeing and aims to take a new approach to connecting communities across Exeter as an integral part of net-zero future: quantifying benefits of place-making on social cohesion and social mobility through participatory mapping and community involvement.

Objectives of EGG

  1. To utilise community participatory mapping techniques and citizen science to collate and curate maps, narratives and images describing the people of Exeter’s relationship with and use of greenspace and nature for the following purposes:

a) strategic role in the development of Exeter’s Local Plan as part of the community consultation process

b) provide evidence of community use in active planning applications.

c) to augment data collated as part of existing greenspace audits.

d) development of maps and trails to expand and improve the Exeter Green Circle and create corridors that join existing green infrastructure across the city.

e) Help to establish a new vision for greenspace for a zero carbon city and work with strategic partners to ensure that all communities across Exeter have access to 1 mile, 5 mile and 10 mile green corridors.

e) To work with local conservation and environmental organisations in identifying areas of conservation importance and where buffer zones (human/nature interaction areas) are best placed.

2. To support communities within and around Exeter in understanding planning processes and support their voice being heard within the strategic visioning of Exeter.

3. Partner city’s exploration of Community Asset Transfer as mechanism for community-led projects / empowerment.

The Story So Far

Exeter Greenspace Group has been running weekly community meetings since January 2021 online to discuss residents concerns about planning applications. The group was a co-applicant in a £5K grant from the National Lottery in 2021.

    How to Get Involved

    We are always happy to have more members to support our objections to planning and development of neighbourhood plans. If you don’t have time to help but would like to donate money to support our work we are happy to receive donations.