In 2008-2009, Transition Exeter hosted the Low Carbon Exeter Project which undertook practical work to help more people in Exeter cut their energy bills and consider different ways of meeting their energy needs.

The Low Carbon Exeter Project encompassed various projects working towards a low carbon city, aiming to reduce consumption of energy from fossil fuels, increase energy efficency and promote renewable sources of energy. The project covered business, the public sector and households.

The project, which was funded by Exeter City Council’s climate change levy on car parking, and run in partnership with Exeter City Council, aimed to raise awareness of domestic energy consumption, through lending smart energy meters to school children.

70 monitors were purchased in winter 2008, and by autumn 2009 the project had visited 8 schools. Many households reduced their energy use by over 40%, with two making huge savings of over 70%, reducing their weekly energy bill by £22. 60 further monitors were purchased after the initial success of the project.

One pupil said: After our experiment my mum and dad started turning everything off to save electricity.

Our thanks to all of the staff, children and parents that have contributed to the project.


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