Exeter Community Composting and Gardening are a community group aiming to increase peoples ability to compost and garden in Exeter.

Their main project currently involves setting up a compost directory in Exeter so that people with compost bins can help facilitate people without one to compost. They aim to meet once every 3-4 weeks and welcome anyone who would like to join our meetings and help us develop the project further.

If you would like to compost or already compost and would like to help others do the same by letting them use your bin please get in contact with the group at transitioncomposting@hotmail.com. Find out all the latest news by visiting the Exeter Community Composting and Gardening Facebook Page.



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    1. Catherine Barlemoor
      February 21, 2017

      Hi there,
      I’m working with a few people to kick start an Incredible edible Cranbrook and Pot Luck in Cranbrook Exeter. We are hoping to start a community compost site at the Education Campus.

      I’m wondering if there is anyway to do something together?



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